Revised Notice of Availability: Cal Poly Master Plan 2035 EIR. Read the notice here.
Cal Poly Master Plan 2035 Public Review Draft Environmental Impact Report
Cal Poly Master Plan 2035 EIR Appendices

Public review period has been extended to January 8, 2018 at 5pm

Welcome to the Future.

jeff2Cal Poly continues to move closer to approval of its master plan update, which determines the physical needs of our campus and plans for the development of our lands and buildings over the next 20 years.

The Master Plan, guided by Vision 2022 and our Academic plan for enrollment, sets the locations, sizes and types of land use and facilities and circulation systems necessary to support the university’s Learn by Doing mission. Among others, a principle objective of our master plan update is developing more on-campus student housing. The university’s goal is to house all freshmen and sophomores—and up to 65 percent of all students—on campus in the future, something that cannot be accomplished without the master plan.

In 2014, a team of professionals began developing the initial master plan concepts with extensive input from community and campus advisory committees.  As the process continued, the university hosted many public events—both on campus and in the San Luis Obispo community—to solicit feedback and encourage participation in the process (a record of that outreach is posted on this website).

Today, we are proud of the master plan conceptual maps you can find on this site.  They reflect the great work and input of numerous individuals from across our campus and community.  For those who have been engaged in the process to this point, we thank you.  For those new to our master plan update, we welcome you and invite you to review the extensive information about our master plan contained on this website.

This is an exciting moment in Cal Poly’s history.


Jeffrey D. Armstrong