Notice of Preparation: Cal Poly Master Plan 2035 EIR. Read the notice here.

Welcome to the Future.

jeff2Cal Poly is embarking on an important update of our Master Plan, which will determine the physical needs of our campus and guide development of our lands and buildings over the next 20 years. We are proud to be starting this two-year process and we welcome campus and community participation.

The Master Plan, guided by Vision 2022 and our Academic plan for enrollment, will set the locations, sizes and types of land use and facilities and circulation systems necessary to support the University’s learn-by-doing mission

While we have a team of professionals developing the plan, we also know that community involvement is extremely valuable in this effort. To that end, the University has established community and campus advisory committees and will hold public events to encourage participation in the process.

Work from the advisory committees will inform the professional team members as they write elements of the plan. The draft plan will then be circulated for public review, along with analysis of potential environmental impacts (draft and final EIR).

This is an exhilarating moment in Cal Poly’s history, as we move toward a future University campus that further sustains our environment and enhances student success. We welcome you along for the journey.


Jeffrey D. Armstrong