Cal Poly releases conceptual maps and enrollment growth possibilities


SAN LUIS OBISPO – Today Cal Poly released conceptual maps and enrollment growth possibilities for campus development as part of the master planning process the university began last fall.

The master plan will set the locations, sizes and types of land use and facilities needed to support the university’s learn-by-doing mission.

The information and maps under consideration are simply ideas and concepts. They do not represent specific proposals. The university will continue to engage the community and solicit input regarding the various concepts, including during two public open houses to be held in May.

“We are sharing conceptual maps as part of our ongoing effort to engage the community in our master plan process,” said Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong.  “The maps show a number of options and potential concepts for development that we want to discuss with the campus and broader community.”

Future enrollment demands are driving the master plan. Cal Poly continues to attract the brightest minds and record numbers of applicants for its widely recognized outstanding academic programs.

While the national average for enrollment is declining, Cal Poly is in the position of seeing ongoing application growth, as demonstrated by the approximately 55,000 applications for roughly 4,500 openings for current academic year.

Given the master plan details the physical campus needs to accommodate the number of enrolled students over the next 20 years, two potential enrollment concepts are being considered.  The first scenario under consideration is maintaining the approximate growth trend the university has experienced over the past 15 years; the second concept is the development of a year-around model that would expand summer instruction.

The year-around option allows Cal Poly to graduate more students, while minimizing the number of students on campus at any given time. It is also more efficient, because facilities are being used throughout the year, versus sitting idle or at reduced capacity over the summer.

While Cal Poly officials continue to review and discuss specific concepts for the campus, the university is committed to developing additional university housing for students, which is good for Cal Poly and the community.

The goal is to house all freshmen and sophomores, as well as 30 percent of juniors and seniors in university housing.  Added housing increases the percentage of students living in university housing from approximately 38 percent to 65 percent of all students.

In addition, Cal Poly is considering the north end of campus for the majority of development, away from existing city neighborhoods. One concept is the creation of a creek-side village near Brizzolara Creek on the north side of campus, which would serve as a hub of student life and campus activity.

The university encourages additional community engagement in this process and invites anyone who is interested to attend the open house forums on May 7 and 9.

May 7
11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Robert E. Kennedy Library Atrium on Cal Poly’s campus

May 9
10 a.m. to noon
San Luis Obispo Library on Palm Street

 Additional information, including the conceptual maps released today and opportunity to comment is available on the university’s website at masterplan.calpoly.edu.






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